Power Query: Revolutionizing the ETL Process

About Power Query Power Query is a data analysis tool developed and owned by Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Power BI suite, a collection of business intelligence and data visualization tools. Power Query was originally developed as an add-on for Microsoft Excel, but has since been integrated into the Power BI suite and […]

AI Tool: ChatGPT is leading the way in AI

What is ChatGPT? Simply a language model trained by OpenAI. It is an artificial intelligence model designed to assist with answering questions on a wide range of topics. GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer Language Model. The tool generates natural language text responses based on users’ text prompts. The model was trained on a large dataset of […]

Understanding FinTech

FinTech – Financial technology is the intersection of technology to deliver financial services such as software to manage financial accounts, make payments or transfer money using smartphones and using analytics to make investment decisions. The Evolution of FinTech FinTech 2.0: Banks (1967) FinTech 3.0: Startups and FinTech 3.5: Emerging Markets How 2008 Impacted the development […]

February 2022 Market Overview

Nasdaq S&P 500 Dow Feb 1 14346.00(+106.12) 4546.54(+30.99) 35405.24(+273.38) Feb 3 13878.81(-538.73) 4477.44(-111.94) 35111.16(-518.17) Key Highlights Feb 3: Strong: Consumer Staples Weak: Communication Services, Consumer Discretionary, Information Technology Meta’s disappointing earning weakens the tech sector Feb 1: Strong: Energy, Materials, Financials, Industrials Weak: Utilities, Real Estate, Consumer Staples Strong earnings from XOM, Google and UPS.

Power Apps

What is Power Apps? Is a tool of Microsoft Power Platform to develop applications. You can use Power Apps with Power Automate and Power BI to build powerful applications. Collection of apps, services, connectors. A data platform to build customs apps according to your business needs. Custom apps can connect to data platform or online […]

January 2022 Market Overview

Nasdaq S&P 500 Dow Jan – 3 15832.79(+187.83) 4796.56(+30.38) 36585.06(+246.76) Jan – 4 15622.71(-210.08) 4793.54(-3.02) 36799.65(+214.59) Jan – 5 15100.17(-522.54) 4700.58(-92.96) 36407.11(-392.54) Jan – 6 15080.86(-19.31) 4696.05(-4.53) 36236.47(-170.64) Jan – 7 14935.9(-144.96) 4677.03(-19.02) 36231.66(-4.81) Week 2 Jan – 10 14942.83(+6.93) 4670.29(-6.74) 36068.87(-162.79) Jan – 11 15153.45(+210.62) 4713.07(+42.78) 36252.02(+183.15) Jan – 12 15188.39(+34.94) 4726.35(+13.28) 36290.32(+38.30) Jan […]

TSQL – Using Pivot Table

A Pivot table in TSQL is useful to spread row data as columns. Row values can be defined into multiple columns. A row in SQL Server represents an entity and a column as an attribute of the entity. To build a pivot table, you will need to define three columns. Column 1 – Row grouping […]

Market Movers – July 2020

July 6 ISM Non-Manufacturing Index for June increased to 57.1 (Note: above 50 is expansion) July 2 June non-farm payroll jobs increased by 4.8 million. A decline in the unemployment rate to 11.1%. Sector performance: Energy (2.95%), Financials (2.17%), Industrials (1.98%), Materials (1.97%), Consumer Discretionary (1.33%), Information Technology (1.31%), Consumer Staples (1.20%), Real Estate (1.04%), Health […]