Instance and Static

Instance members

  • Data and function members that operate on the instance eg ints ToString() is a instance member of Integer class
  • By default members in a type/class are instance members

Static Members

  • Don’t operate on the instance of the type
  • Operate on the type itself


using System;

namespace Rextester
    public class Program
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            Panda p1 = new Panda ("Pan Dee");
            Panda p2 = new Panda ("Pan Dah");

    public class Panda
        //instance field
        public string Name;
        //static field
        //set to all Panda instances
        public static int Population;
        public Panda (string n)
            //Assign the instance field
            Name = n;
            //Increment the static Population field
            Population = Population + 1;

Static Class
– all its members must be static

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