LinkedList<T> is a generic doubly linked list.

Doubly linked list is a chain of nodes in which each references the node before, the node after and the actual element.

Benefit – element can always be inserted efficiently anywhere in the list, since it just involves creating a new node and updating a few references.

Implements IEnumerable<T> and ICollection<T>.

LinkedList<T> supports copying to an array for indexed processing and obtaining an enumerator to support foreach statement.

public sealed class LinkedListNode
	public LinkedList List { get; }
	public LinkedListNode Next { get; }
	public LinkedListNode Previous { get; }
	public T Value { get; set; }
var tune = new LinkedList();
tune.AddFirst ("do");                           tune.Dump(); // do
tune.AddLast ("so");                            tune.Dump(); // do - so

tune.AddAfter (tune.First, "re");               tune.Dump(); // do - re- so
tune.AddAfter (tune.First.Next, "mi");          tune.Dump(); // do - re - mi- so
tune.AddBefore (tune.Last, "fa");               tune.Dump(); // do - re - mi - fa- so

tune.RemoveFirst();                             tune.Dump(); // re - mi - fa - so
tune.RemoveLast();                              tune.Dump(); // re - mi - fa

LinkedListNode miNode = tune.Find ("mi");
tune.Remove (miNode);                           tune.Dump(); // re - fa
tune.AddFirst (miNode);                         tune.Dump(); // mi- re - fa

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