ASP.NET MVC – Project Items


This folder contains private data such as XML Files or databases if you are using SQL Server Express, SQLite, or other file based repositories.

IIS web server will not server any other the contains from this folder.


This folder has core configuration settings about the project, including route definitions, filters and content bundles.


Areas is a way to partition large application into smaller pieces.


Bin consists of the compiled assembly of MVC application along with any referenced assemblies that are not in the GAC.


This folder holds the content for CSS files and images.


This folder contains all the controllers.


This folder has all the view model and domain model classes.


This directory holds the JavaScript libraries.


This directory holds the views and partial views, grouped by the controller name. The web.config file prevents the views to be served by IIS. It must be rendered by action methods in controller class.


This directory holds layouts and views which are not specific to a single controller.


It contains the configuration required to make views work with ASP.NET and prevents views from being served by IIS and the namespaces imported into views by default.


This is the global ASP.NET application class. Its code-behind class (Global.asax.cs) is the place to register routing configuration, as well as set up any code to run on application initialization or shutdown, or when unhandled exceptions occur.


This is the configuration file for the application.

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