What is Power Apps?

  • Is a tool of Microsoft Power Platform to develop applications.
  • You can use Power Apps with Power Automate and Power BI to build powerful applications.
  • Collection of apps, services, connectors.
  • A data platform to build customs apps according to your business needs.
  • Custom apps can connect to data platform or online and on-premises data sources such as SharePoint , Excel, Office 365, Dynamics, SQL Server.
  • Allows users to build apps without writing code.
  • Benefit of using power app is that it allows many data sources in a single app.

Power Apps Components

Power Apps Home Page

  • Here you can develop apps from sample apps, templates or blank screen.

Power Apps Studio

  • Here you can fully customise your app to meet your business goals.

Power Apps Admin Center

  • Plaform to manage your power apps. Define your environments, data connections, manage environment role and data policies.

Data sources, connections, and gateways

  • Popular data sources: common data service, sharepoint, sql server, dynamic 365, office 365 users, office 365 outlook, excel, one drive for business, onedrive, dropbox.
  • Some connectons allow power apps to read and write data.
  • Some cloud services such as salesforce or twitter can be a datasource.
  • For on-premises data, you use gateway to provide reliable connection. The gateway will be implemented on a non-premises computer and communicate with power apps.

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