Learning with Android Development

Today I have decided to begin with Android development so here my journey begins…..

Installed Android Studio

Only issue I faced was that my computer was not installed with jdk so I have install first then can proceed with the installation. Use this link if you want to install java development kit. During my installation it required jdk 7 or higher. In case if the jdk path is not picked by the android  studio I would suggest  restart your machine.

Why does the Android SDK need JDK?

The Android SDK uses the JDK to compile .java files to .class bytecode.

When building the project all .java files get converted to .class files and it uses JDK to convert those files.

The dx tool of adk converts all .class files to classes.dex file.

Reference: Link


HAXM must be updated

  • To solve this issue I just downloaded the latest version HAXM from the intel website. Link