Urgent vs. Important

This morning I was reading this great article. Thought to share some of my views on this topic.

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

Applying this concept into real business world, when the tasks becomes urgent the company uses all its resources to complete that task as soon as possible. Which results in overuse of resources, time and overall money. In the end the tasks completes at high cost than predicted.

From my own experience at workplace a project was completed and than client noticed some problems. Client started logging those bugs but it was taken very lightly and then client got very upset because he was losing his sales. It came to a point where the client has to take legal action because what was promised is not being delivered. Than all the resources were being used to fix the problem.

If all important tasks are properly planned and delegated than it is less likely for urgency. When the tasks become urgent which results into unhappy client and than poor relationship.

In case if it happens than proactive approach should be taken where you should be prepared and ready for it rather than taking reactive approach.

A business is more likely to fail if they focus on increasing revenue and less in customer satisfaction.

If important tasks are addressed on time than urgency is less likely to happen. Thus failure or delaying in attending important tasks will escalate to urgency.

It is worth investing time in planning and resolving the issues when they are important. A systematic approach should be in place where a task should be properly planned, delegated and supervised.