Apple WWDC 2020 Keynote

Apple WWDC 2020 Keynote iOS 14 Key Highlights: Widgets available on Home Screen to give more information just at a glance and it is also customizable in different size. App Library allows you to organize your apps in various categories, sorted by more recent used. Compact Calls and Siri eliminates the entire screen call design […]

TSQL – Last Time Table was Updated

TSQL – Last Time Table was Updated If you looking for a script to find out when was the last time a particular table was updated then here it is: This normally happens when you don’t have columns such as DateCreated and UpdatedDate in the table. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn […]

Windows 10 – Adjusting Search Box in File Explorer

Windows 10 – Adjusting Search Box in File Explorer In windows 10 the search box area in file explorer is too wide, well for me personally. The good thing about windows 10 is that you have the ability to adjust the search box according to your personal needs. Move your mouse in between address location […]


COVID19: MUST KNOW INFOR Coronavirus (COVID) 2019 is a very contagious virus which mainly affects your respiratory system. People with mild symptoms can recover without any special treatment. How the Virus is Transmitted: Transmitted from droplets of infected person when they cough, sneeze or exhale. In close proximity of the infected person Touching the contaminated […]

Trading: Understanding the Basics

Understanding the Basics How to Measure Risk Standard Deviation (volatility) Measures how much price fluctuate over time, high volatility the greater chance of losing more money. Price to Earnings Ratio (PE Ratio) Price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) – price of stock divide by earnings per share eg. 20/2 = 10 read more… Price to […]

Trading: Price to Earnings Ratio

Price to Earnings Ratio Measures how much you are paying for the company’s earning. The higher the price-to-earnings ratio the more expensive is the stock price. Higher price-to-earnings ratio indicates that the company is very popular and it attracts more buyers in the market. Average P/E Ratio = 17 High P/E Ration > 25 High […]

Trading: Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar Cost Averaging DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) vs LSI (Lump Sump Investing) In stock market past performance cannot guarantee the future performance because every bear market decline, crash and panic. DCA is simply where you invest same amount of money at regular intervals: every month, year or week regardless of market trend. It will force […]

ASP.NET MVC – Project Items

ASP.NET MVC – Project Items /App_Data This folder contains private data such as XML Files or databases if you are using SQL Server Express, SQLite, or other file based repositories. IIS web server will not server any other the contains from this folder. /App_Start This folder has core configuration settings about the project, including route […]

Trading: Stock Beginners Guide

Stock Beginners Guide What is Stock? Ownership share in a company. What is investment? An asset or item purchased that will appreciate in the future, generate income or sold at a higher price. With money you can buy shares, bonds, mutual funds or do fixed deposit. Inflation When cost of living increases (prices of goods […]

Getting Started With Windows Server 2016

Getting Started With Windows Server 2016 Recently I got the opportunity to build one Windows Server at my workplace so I am going to share my experience. Please note that I am not an expert into building server, this is my first step towards building one. Basic Configuration Steps 1. Open server rack to verify […]